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Q: How do I decide which software pac I need?
A: There are three pacs available for surveying currently, and our recommendation would depend on what kind of work you plan to do with the software. If you are a student, or work in an office doing surveying calculations for normal work, you can just use the
Student Pac. If you will also be doing field work, you would probably want the Surveying Pac, to take advantage of the stakeout, 3-D traversing, leveling, and other programming used primarily for work in the field. Transportation Pac contains additional programming that does certerline-related alignment work for streets and roads as well as all of the same programming that is in the other two pacs. You can compare the contents in the comparison chart and read the general descriptions included on each pac's individual pages to help make a final decision, or call or e-mail us if you still have a specific question.

Q: How many coordinates can I store?
A: D'Zign programming pacs are distributed on a 32MB Secure Digital card that also provides the user with approximately 30MB of usable backup memory for coordinate files not currently in use, additional programs from other sources. (shareware personal information managers, phonebooks, etc. are available for download from )

Q: Since the D'Zign software comes on a removable card, can I share it with another user?
A: When the product is activated in the purchaser's calculator it is keyed to that specific calculator. Attempting to use it in another user's calculator could cause damage to the other user's calculator. See "Warning" in the Owner's Manual provided with the product.

Q: If I buy a smaller pac, can I upgrade it later?
A: D'Zign can offer a reduced price on a trade-in, but does not refund the portion of the original cost that was primarily for the manual, shipping, or packaging.

Q: What about updates to later versions?
A: D'Zign has always provided free updates on it's products, and will continue the practice with this calculator. A small re-programming charge will be required, and we pay the cost of shipping the program card back to you. Before submitting a card for updating, the user will need to remove and backup any coordinate files currently stored on the card, replacing them after the card is returned.

Q: Where can I purchase D'Zign's software?
A: You may order directly from D'Zign, or from any of our dealers (we do not discount the product when selling directly and do not accept credit cards). Some of the dealers may, from time to time discount during sales, not only on software products, but on calculators and accessories. See "Dealers" list



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