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Surveying Pac

Surveying PacThe Surveying Pac for the HP 50g is meant for general use by the professional or sub-professional surveyor, and contains all of the programs for Coordinate Geometry, curves, triangle and spiral solutions that are in the Basic Cogo+ Pac, supplemented by additional solution programs such as curve common to three tangents, curve through three known points.  These are then augmented by field stakeout programs and leveling programs. 

In general, it's fair to say that you can stake anything from anywhere with this program.

The radial stakeout features allow either azimuth or angle-right calculations for the direction, and contain a come-go option that is quick and simple.  You can work directly from stored point files or you can input the coordinates as you go.  With the increased use of GPS for design topography, you will often find yourself staking from plans that are based on state plane coordinates.  We included a softkey for setting a grid-to-ground distance adjustment for your staking distances. 

All of our software pacs have extended parameter options, allowing you to set the number of decimal places you want to display in each type of output. This includes coordinate, distance, elevation, area, angle output and even lets you set your preferred default stack setting.

MSRP $275 US

When you want to set the parameters for the way a pac works in your calculator, and stroke the 'PARA'  key, you will see a selection menu that lets you set Azimuth or Bearing for direction input, Feet or Metric for distance input, stakeout by azimuth or angle-right, select your station output as 0+00 or 0+000, depending on which your state adopted.  All of that said, you can set the output for each type individually (distance, bearing, coordinates, etc.) to the number of decimal places you want to see . . . including the stack display.

Stakeout Solution The stakeout programs allow you to set any point from anywhere with known coordinates, includes a come-go option and lets you stake by inputting either a point number or the coordinates.  Complete flexibility.  With the rod-person on line, take a check shot. 

Input the distance you just measured and stroke the 'CK' key.  The come or go is shown in the display.

Instead of a point number, you could also have input the northing, SPC, easting and staked the point directly, without first having to store it.



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