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TRANSportation Pac

TRANSporation Pac The full-featured choice for professionals.

In addition to all of the features of the Surveying Pac, the Transportation Pac adds a powerful Alignment/Offset program and a Remote Slope-staking program that guides you to the catch point and then sets the reference point remotely to complete the job at the current station.

Input for the Alignment/Offset program is simple, only requiring a beginning station / the coordinates to be used for that point and the tangent direction at that point. This program not only handles the normal tangents and curves, it allows for Angle Points (PIs), Equation Stations and Spiral Curves in the alignment. The spirals are calculated separately as the alignment encounters them, allowing for systems with un-equal spirals.

MSRP $375 US

Multiple OffsetsYou can preset a constant for stationing intervals or offset (or both at the same time) and all you have to do is two keystrokes each time. Multiple offsets may be calculated at each station before proceeding to the next one, and the station/offset is stored as part of the descriptor at each point.

Station/OffsetsFlexibility allows you to pre-calculate your station/offsets and then stake them by point number in the field, stake them out without storing them or do both at the same time during stakeout. The stakeout includes the same come/go option as in our regular stakeout program.

Slope StakingRemote slope staking requires more input initially, but works from a cross-sectional template that sets up a cut and/or fill factor. Slope ratios, cut and fill factors, half-widths are all flexible and can be changed as the roadway conditions change.


The output (or printout) for each station includes the station/offset/elevation of the Reference Point, cut or fill to the catch point, station/offset/elevation and cut or fill to the hinge point . . . everything you need to write the marker stake.



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