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Surveying Solutions for the hp33s

Surveying Solutions
The hp33s is the best of the calculators Authorized for use on the NCEES exam!

The revised and expanded 2nd Edition of our Surveying Solutions for the hp33s book allows you to program the calculator with all of the COGO, circular curve, vertical curve and triangle programs you need to do the math portions of the exam.

D'Zign's book gives step-by-step instructions for input of the programs with user instructions and examples for each. The programs include Traversing, Inversing, all of the normal Intersection routines, Circular and Vertical Curves, Vertical Intersection, Triangle Solutions, and more. Programs are included for adding and subtracting in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds directly, and the user has the option of working in either Azimuth or Bearing/ Quad in the coordinate geometry programs.



Surveying Solution Sample The book also includes sample exercises, full keystroke instructions and examples for each type of calculation.
All of this combines to make this not only a programming instruction book, but a test review workbook to help you prepare for the NCEES exams. Those who have used these programs during an examination tell us that they were able to save time, check their work and finished each section of the test ahead of the timed deadline.

Educators, Instructors and Lecturers
Teaching with this calculator can be greatly enhanced by using an emulator for the hp33s, available through HP's calculator emulator program. It transforms your PC and a projector into a working calculator that the whole class can see. The hp33s emulator, along with several others, is available free to educators at As with all HP calculators, the HP Web site also contains many tutorials for the HP calculators to help educators and teachers perform the most common calculations. As part of DíZignís education program, educators using the emulator for their classes can now also obtain the bookís programs and load them to their emulator directly, without having to type the program steps in by hand.
If you are using the book for teaching classes, contact us at
DíZign for a free copy.





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